Benefit Support


Decrease Total Air Impurities 

According to modern scientific research, indoor environments may be as much as ten times more polluted then the outdoor environment. WallyGro living walls act as natural air filters, creating cleaner, more invigorating home and work environments that lead to better overall health. Living walls metabolize harmful toxins such as formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, VOC's and Benzene, while releasing energizing oxygen into the air. 

Reduce Total Energy Cost 

WallyGro living walls act as natural air conditioners by balancing the amount of moisture inside a space, while absorbing additional heat that enters a building. In some cases, living walls have provided a 30% decrease in total air conditioning use. 

Furthermore, living walls can insulate against noise, vibrations and reduce noise sound penetration. WallyGro living walls are an excellent way to beautify an office, while reducing overall noise in large open spaces. 

Increase Productivity

New research has revealed that plants can help individuals be more creative and productive. At this year's Chelsea Flower Show, a study showed that office plants increased staff wellbeing, productivity, and concentration by 47%! The researchers of this study believe their findings demonstrate that plants are not unnecessary elements of business environments and add weight to other studies, which indicate plants increase psychological comfort and business performance. 

Create a Healing Environment 

A growing body of research demonstrates that access to a natural environment indoors may improve health and well-being, aid in prevention of disease, and help people recover from illness faster. Living walls are an effective way to create instant vibrancy and impact, that aid in overall reduction of stress.

Access to Nutritious and Organic Food 

WallyGro living wall planters are excellent for the vertical growing of edibles in urban environments. A lack of flat land should never be a barrier to experiencing the healthful benefits of growing your own food. 

Increase in Community Engagement 

Living walls as part of green communities increase sense of pride and place, levels of trust, and civic participation. These communities see less violence, aggression, vandalism, and littering.