Tested Indoor Plants


Second Best (dependable, but needing more love) 

  • Crotons - Listed above, but need really bright light and should stay in the top row where there is more light)
  • Homalomena – very sensitive to air pockets around roots. Be sure to pack in the soil around these well. Also may wilt if the AC shuts off on the weekends
  • Spathiphyllum – Peace Lily, needs really regular water
  • Ctenanthe (aka Green Maranta)
  • Anthurium – don’t like to dry out completely and need lots of light
  • Ferns – leaves in back/darkness will die and shed a lot. If you can keep up with pruning off the dead fronds and don’t mind shedding leaves, especially during the first few months, then Kimberly Queen is the best.
  • Orchids & Guzmanias (bromeliads with flower spikes) – should be kept in their pots and planted at the front edge (the dry part) of the pocket. This will allow them to be individually hand watered occasionally, and also to be switched out as their flowers fade (2-3 months)
  • Syngonium